Saturday, January 28, 2012

What would your character do in this situation?

When we get into our character's shoes, do we consider our reactions or theirs. My reaction would be utter panic. There is no way I would be this close to any deep sea creature and not be in a state of complete immobilising shock. BUT I would happily put my character into the same situation and expect him to breathe calmly and treat the situation with respect and caution.
Is that fair??
The cameraman is not afraid. This is his working environment. So, where we see danger and thrill, he sees a familiar if risky landscape.
He is aware of the danger, but knows he is not in danger if he behaves with respect and caution. Even scuba diving has its risks...
Anyhow... These endangered species seem to have been maligned in their 'man eating' reputation.. Even with so many, there are no moments of where attack is a threat. They are not vicious it seems but minding their own business. They just have lots and lots of teeth.


  1. Great post! You're right -- we have to put ourselves in our character's head and react as she would. Not always easy!
    I agree about sharks and other predators too. They have to eat, and they're just doing what comes naturally. We've invaded their territory.
    FYI: I found you through Laurel's post on Goodreads' Women's Fiction Authors Discussion "Let's Share Blogs."

  2. Hi Sandy,
    Glad you found us... Visited your blog too, love the idea of Tuesday Teasers. What fun.
    Thanks for dropping in.