Friday, April 6, 2012

More on Harry Potter

More on JK Rowling and the Harry Potter books.
The children in my family love the Harry Potter books and movies. I have adult relatives and friends who love the books and movies. A writer myself, I think JK Rowling has a wonderful imagination. What do you think? Laurel
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There was a minor furore when someone said the Harry Potter books were "poorly written, ill conceived and trite", drawing this impressive rationalisation:
"Being overly fond of adverbs isn't enough to totally condemn her as an author. I do believe she is of unparalleled importance, especially in what her books have done to bring not just more children into reading, but to jump-start the publishing industry into publishing more children's books. In a similar way to how Tolkien redefined high fantasy and has his spot in history for it, Rowling redefined magical fantasy and children's literature to a large degree. 40 years from now I doubt an author like Don DeLillo will be much discussed outside of 20th Century American Literature classes, but Rowling will still be eagerly looked over by young readers in 40 languages. Critical opinion will become more favorable to her as time goes on."
Three children try to save a creek for a wounded cormorant from the developers.


  1. I loved the Harry Potter Books. They are easy to read and I found them to be well written stories that held my interest (which is a difficult thing to do, nowadays). A lot of the classic authors depended heavily on adverbs and I didn't notice adverbs intruded in the Harry Potter books. I've read plenty where they do intrude.
    I still can't fathom why the Potter series should be such a phenominal seller, though. Or the Twilight books. There are surely other series out there that should have succeeded just as well.

  2. I can't comment, not having read the books other than glancing through a few pages to see why they attract so much interest. Having said that, I agree The Harry Potter books are a phenomenon. They will be remembered as kids who discovered a new skill through Harry's adventures continue to read in their adult life.
    Thank goodness.