Friday, July 11, 2014

Could the daughters of Downton Abbey cope?

Imagine the daughters of Downton Abbey losing their home, their parents, their wealth, their status, their friends.
This is what happens to the characters in my historical novel, Kitty McKenzie.
Kitty has lost everything, and as the eldest daughter, she has to now provide and care for her younger siblings, a task she has no experience or knowledge of how to do. From a life of privilege she is faced with all kinds of adversities to overcome.
How will she manage to cope with these new challenges when the only decisions she used to make was what dress she needed to wear and what book to read after dinner?
How was she to create a home for them all, and an income?
She never realised that buried deep inside her was an inner strength that would come to the fore and allow her to manage, even prosper, in an alien world of the working class.

Could Mary or Edith from Downton Abbey have coped so well? I'd like to think they would.


  1. Knowing your heroines, Anne, I'm sure we will discover that Kitty McKenzie is a strong willed woman who can overcome whatever obstacles you set up to block in her way. And, we'll be immersed in a Historical Romance we'll love. I'm off to grab my copy now.

  2. What a great concept. I look forward to reading about Kitty's journey. I love Downton Abbey. Interesting to consider how the women from there would cope.

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