Monday, June 27, 2011

Murder Among the Roses

Murder Among the Roses, my detective mystery romance, is now available as a Kindle download. $3.99.
When Detective Matt Allenby arrived in the hamlet of Taylors Crossing in the hills above Perth in Western Australia, to investigate a murder, he thought it would be a straight forward case. He didn't expect the locals to have secrets of their own which would conflict with his investigation. Then Matt finds he is falling in love with one of his suspects.
A story about people making a new life for themselves in a community where they have found friends when a murder threatens to destroy their new found peace.
Murder Among the Roses is available ina print version available from Amazon, The Book Depository, Barnes and Noble and other sources.


  1. Congratulations, Laurel. I enjoyed this mystery, very much. You capture the Aussie community spirit perfectly. Love the cover! hehehe.

  2. Laurel - fancy finding you on the web after all these years!! Very glad to see your pen is still very full of ink. Will taste all your stuff by and by.

  3. It's lovely to see you too, Rosalie. I don't belong to any of the local groups now -still live in the country and too far to travel. The web has become such a great place to interact with other writers I concentrate on that now. Will look out for your writing too. Glad to have met you again on Aussie Authors.