Friday, June 3, 2011


While in the process of doing the cover for Touch, I have revisited some of my other work. My short story - Gone to Mums, published a couple of years ago in Next Stop Hollywood- 15 stories Bound for the Screen - has been returned to me as the publishing rights I sold off back then have finally ended. I am trying to get the cover done and will release as a chapbook in the next few months, also as an e-book.

Transported Legends - Halloween is progressing nicely and if my new artist friend (not Anton this time, another young lad who wishes anonymity) gets the cover drawn and coloured then we are a go for October 30th delivery date. Transported Legends - Classic Monsters has started to form together and will follow hopefully Feb/March 2012.

As well as that, editing and revision has begun on another touch of evil, 10 short stories this time. still in that wonderful "what if...." vein of speculative fiction that I so love.

So. Busy busy busy.

But wait, there's more.

Have you ever heard a song and thought to yourself " Jeez, there's a story in there."

Most good songs contain a very short story, all the best ones it's a guarantee, except for instrumentals and even then you'll find a theme.

I write from music a lot. Everything is a go, metal, rock, classic, some current Top 40, lots of '80s, some electronica. every now and then one song will stick. Sometimes that's enough of a seed to get the story growing. sometimes it takes more than one.

My new piece Flame Trees (working title that I WILL change) was born in that way. The Cold Chisel song has always plagued me with thoughts of what it would be like going home to a place I hadn't seen in 20 or more years. Marry that to the Nickleback song Photograph and the idea started to sprout. A lot of it is based on my personal experience, some from the time of Gone to Mums, but this time a lot more imagination as well. My mate Lotty, who quietly asked one day if he could be in a story has a part, a short one but it's there. Some of it (a loose first drafty type affair) has been launched on Facebook to some warm response, but those responses have been from friends, and I always worry that friends will not always be 100% honest with me on what I write. That's sometimes why I love my friends.

And back in my rotation is an old piece I've stuttered and stammered with, Return to Majick, has been tickled a bit. it's not magic in the Harry Potter sense. It's actually a little bloodthirsty and nasty but I like it and am putting some of it in place between doing this note and a few other things.

My friend Jessica in America once had as her profile thought on writers Cafe:

I write because it keeps the voices in my head quiet.

I used to just think it was funny. Now I know what she means.

Good writing to all.

PS, I ramble a bit. Did you notice?


  1. Lovely post and what a great line: "I write because it keeps the voices in my head quiet."
    I think it fits my writing obsession too!

    Komz@The Review Girl

  2. How lovely you are busy with writing. That is the best state to be in. Enjoy it while it lasts. :)

  3. I am waiting for the voices to return. They have been quiet of late. I think I miss them.