Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Touch Of Evil

This is it!!! This is the cover for which we have waited with baited breath. Just a quick blurb for the back, a few adjustments and Touch iof Evil will be available, first as an epub download, then a Kindle and then a fully fledged stack of paper pressed into an A5 book shape.

Ten years!!

Ten f@#$ing years!!!!!

I'll tell the truth. I have reached a point so many times where I've thought YES, I'm READY!! only to have something happen that just stuffed me and my project up. Faith was something that was fading from my life as a writer, despite the good things people I was being told by review readers.

This was the last Hurdle. Of course the picture killed Anton's computer. I would expect no less. But like the Hercules he is, Anton fought the twelve demons from Hell and got the thing done, better than I could have expected. It looks great. Everyone loves it so far. So, I sit here at the desk of pain and reset the clock for launch. My faith has returned, my enthusiasm now simmers back where it should be.

This is it.

Thanks for the patience. I've been talking about this for too long, but please bear with me just a short time more. 

Touch of Evil, coming real soon.



  1. What a feeling! I sense your excitement. What an achievement. You succeeded in a job well done. Congratulations. What an effective cover. I wish you very success in high book sales.

  2. Great cover, Barry. Ten years is a long time. I'm glad you'll finally be able to see your book out there on the net and in print.