Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Completely Free
(as long as you pay for it)

Jacqueline George

I'm busy - busy constructing a web page for an upcoming book - Falling into Queensland. Not a naughty book this time, but a crime/adventure story set in the far north. You can find the web page here . The page sets out the background to the story, especially for people who have no idea what Queensland can look like. I have written a little about the story, but mainly I want to explain the context with comments and pictures. The page is changing hour by hour as I work on it.

The next step is to post an excerpt, and then I need some comments, or even a review or two. Any volunteers to look at it? Just message me below, or use the email link on my home page, and I will send you a pdf, epub, mobi or Kindle version.

©Jacqueline George All rights reserved.

Jacqueline George lives in Cooktown, Far North Queensland. She enjoys the relaxed lifestyle there, and finds plenty of time write books, some of which are far too naughty for her own good.

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  1. Your new books looks interesting, Jacqueline. will keep a look out for your web page.

  2. Amazing photo of the croc, Jacqueline. I think your friends are brave not having walls between them and a creature like that? How do they keep the crocs away?
    Sounds like an interesting story.
    Tom Bombadil? As seen in LOTR? Sounds like a curious place to find him, in Northern Queensland.

  3. I enjoyed the post on your website. Very interesting topic and fabulous photos. I hope your book sell very well.

  4. Thanks for the comments, folks. Now, anyone want to read an ecopy for me? I need a comment or two for the back cover of the paperback, and that is going to print within the next fortnight...

  5. I have to share this. A serious lady I have met started to read the book, and sent me a delightful review based on the first chapter, as I had a printing dealine to meet. Thanks to her, of course. She carried on reading.

    She has just finished and sent me this :- Okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bloody good read - so good in fact I burnt a pan of potatoes and sat here reading, wondering who the hell was having a bonfire!!
    I think the pan will survive but it's fish an'chips for dinner.

    That has really cheered me up.