Saturday, September 3, 2011

Out there and bound.

And we are out there!!!

Yup, Touch of Evil is now live and selling on Lulu (print version) and Smashwords (ebook). Both versions are now selling and doing okay, print strangely enough a little better than I thought. With all the hooplah about ebooks outstripping print about a million to one, i sort of expected the ebooks to be downloaded a little faster but no. Most people I speak to still want the feel of paper under their finger tips. One person even remarked that she preferred to dog-ear her pages rather than press a 'bookmark' button.

Okay. Whatever floats your boat. But thanks to those who have bought the book. I hope you like it and enjoy it and tell your friends. The more likes I get, the better chance i have to revisit the TV show again.

But seriously, amongst us friends, and it will go no further than my next facebook post, who truly prefers paper books over ebooks? We've all read the reports. What's your fave and if you have a reason, why?? Is it sentimentality or a'feel' thing, ease or what? Let me know coz I am seriously interested.

But what next?

Well, a special hardback edition of my short story "Gone to Mum's" is going thru at the moment, with an afterword explaining a few things that aren't in there. Hoping to have it done soon, say three weeks. Sooner would be better. The usual hassle (acceptable cover) is the holdup, but having had another of my late-nite brainwaves, might have the second coolest cover in my life happening with the cutest goddaughter inn the world on there. That's cover number 2, not the second best. Wait and see. More when it happens.

Beyond that, getting into Transported Legends: Halloween. With luck it will be done Halloween Eve, with a big party here for the release. Looking to get the community involved with maybe a riverside spooky story competition and maybe danceoff or something. Not a lot of time to set it up, but the plan is starting to come together.

So much to do, so little time.

Thanks for listening.

PS, please excuse pun in the title. Out there and bound .... bound ...cover. book printing...bound. Geddit? 

okay. Sorry.


  1. Congratulations Barry. It must be wonderful to hold your own living breathing book in your hand. I can't wait for this to happen for me. I wish you tons of sales and I'm glad to hear this is already happening.

  2. Yeah Barry, we got it!!! Hmmm... Older than you perhaps, not still a few grey cells left working!!!
    So good to hear Touch of Evil is selling well.