Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Unhewn Stone cover is up for the October award.

I'm excited that not only me, but Tiger Matthews, the cover artist, and MuseItUp publishing have a chance to win the Cover Award at Alternative-Read for the month of October (17 days left to vote) but we need your vote, please. We are # 5. The Unhewn Stone at 


  1. An awesome cover that deserves to win. Good luck to you Wendy and to Tiger for his creative design.

  2. Hi Rosalie,
    Thank you. I had to be away from my computer since Tuesday and the rival got far ahead of me (30+ votes) It will be an uphill battle to catch up now but with help from our Aussie authors and family and friends, I'm not giving up hope.

  3. We came second with 189 vote. The winner had 54 more. Thank you to those who voted. I'm in your debt.