Thursday, November 3, 2011

Calamity's Corner

Another enjoyable Calamity's Corner, Wendy.
It was interesting reading about Rick Bylina whose books I had critiqued on And to put a face to the man. I'm glad he's published his books. I enjoyed reading them as well as critiquing them.
Carole Sutton, another writer, I met on Novels, has an exciting story to tell about a pair of Maned Wood Ducks who managed to leave two of their large brood behind. Carole and husband, Bill, managed to unite the family.
I look forward each month to read the movie and book reviews. Your review about the old movie, The House on the Square featuring that heart throb of the 50's and earlier, Tyrone Power, and Ann Blyth. I wonder if you will like the film when you see it again. You'll have to let your readers know if you do.
Sometimes it's better not to return to old loves. I really loved Judy Garland's movie, Meet Me in St Louis when I saw it as a teenager. Seeing it on TV not so long ago I thought how awful it was.
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