Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Rainbow Children

The Rainbow Children, a new children's book by Laurel Lamperd, is available for download on Smashwords and Kindle. Seven short stories suitable for 4 - 7 year old children.
In the title story, Jenny goes to stay with Great Aunt Gwendoline. Jenny's cousin, Jonathan, said that Aunt Gwendoline is a witch. Jenny thinks that Aunt Gwendoline might be a witch. She lives in a little higgly piggly house that looks like a witch's house.
Aunt Gwendoline writes and illustrates children's stories. She is writing a story about the Rainbow Children who live at the end of the rainbow. Jenny wishes with all her heart that she was one of the Rainbow Children.
With the help of the magic from the house and Aunt Gwendoline, Jenny has a wonderful adventure with the Rainbow Children.
Thanks to Wendy Laharnar, whose book, The Unhewn Stone, has just been published by for designing the cover for the Rainbow Children.

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  1. 'Rainbow Stories' is a beautiful book for young children for Christmas. I hope many Mums and Grandmas buy this for their little one's stocking. Wishing you much success Laurel. You amaze me with the versatility of your writing.