Wednesday, April 24, 2013

One Way ticket to Mars? Any takers?

Have you seen the article on a One Way trip to Mars ?Tickets will be funded by an ongoing Reality TV program following the training and adventures of the competitors. 

With over 10,000 people already signing up for the chance, the organisers are confident they can maintain the ratings to finance this science fiction type challenge.

So, would you be prepared to fly into the wild blue yonder and beyond?
The time spent in a tin can  bombarded by radiation as you leave Earth and  head toward Mars would be enough to kill any human. 

However, before leaving you would need to have at least three different types of nanobots in your blood. 

One to seek out cells damaged by radiation, one to repair cells and another to reconstruct bone tissue, depleted from radiation and time in space.

At least that's basically what I understood from a documentary I saw many years ago. Back then the projected date for the first manned Mars ship was 2020. 

It was confirmation at the time, that my fantastic idea of nanobots in my hero's blood wasn't too far fetched. 

Now the idea seems to be to send robotic builders to prepare a base for the intrepid travellers with their one way tickets. 

Imagine what type of dwellings they would need? 
All the science fiction films and books conjure visions in my imagination. I have a feeling the reality would be functional and less than aesthetic.

Not quite how this artist envisages things.

Funded by the television viewers... I love this idea. It fits so perfectly, again, with the ideas I used in The Chronicles of Caleath. 

As we travel forward in time, the science fiction I relied on while world building my fantasy, is becoming more like science fiction FACT. 

What a wonderful world we live in...
I am sure I wouldn't want to be on  one of the space ships leaving for a one way trip. 

Not to Mars...

No. I wouldn't line up for tickets. Not in this lifetime. 

I am happy to stick with my imagination.

Photos courtesy of ... into the blue is my own image.


  1. What I love about TV reality shows is that it's true but we can still suspend our disbelief. We can still believe there is no editing or slowing down of real time and the embarrassing things surrounding the contestants are all for real. We can forget that the series is long over and the performers are safely home and know who the winner is, long before the show is aired. So, on a one way trip to Mars...there's no one coming back. How do they disqualify the contestants till they have only the winner left standing. Now that would make high rated reality TV.

    No, I wouldn't buy a ticket to be a contestant, only to be eliminated before I got to the red planet, left to float for eternity like a piece of space junk. And for the winner, who would be there to pat her on the back? Okay, so she gets the million dollars held in the safe on board the craft, but who will make the shoes and handbags for her to spend it on. And if she is to be seen on TV night after night, who will do her makeup.
    Definetely not. I wouldn't sign up, but I would watch.

  2. Hehe. I think the Reality TV covers the training and competing between the 10,000 who have signed up, till they find the final 40 who will be the ones to go.
    The nerves, the trepidation and excitement could be compulsive viewing. Once they know who are the finalists I guess the million dollar prize is the flight into oblivion. Or FAME...
    Even if the first Mars colony survives, I wouldn't want to be part of it, but I would probably watch.. even colonists without makeup!

  3. Oh I see, so you don't have to be a winner, just a participator. I guess I could do that.

    I guess if you are stuck on an isolated planet there'd be plenty of time to write and no excuse not to, if the robots provide for your well being. But who will go to your book signing. :)

  4. Count me out on this one, Wendy. I've done my travelling and it was hairy enough on planet earth without stepping out into deep space. But we all have our dreams, some of them are crazier than other. When I was a kid I wanted to fly, you know, with the feather or shimmery wings. Standing at the top of the water tower and looking down--uh, uh, I changed my mind.

  5. LOL, Mary... true, there are enough scary stories about flying around our own globe... no need to tempt Fate! I didn't even climb the tank-stand and feel like flying. Feet firmly planted on the ground; me. :)

  6. I've always wanted to fly, Mary. Wanted to be a fighter pilot, and I desperately wanted get my flying licence. Became a nurse instead, in the hope of joining the Flying Doctor service in the Australian Outback. Had visions of becoming the flying nurse. Didn't happen. Got married, had kids and nursed in hospitals.

    If somehow I was given unlimited finances and courage, I'd go on a round trip to the moon. Seeing our planet from above would be the best.

    Rosalie, I wasn't a tank climber either. I climbed trees and swung off the fence on a rope tied to the tree branch. The pain when I wrenched my shoulders didn't stop me. Also had big dreams of becoming a trapeze artist. So I guess flying to the moon is a natural follow on. haha.