Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's There.

Yup, it's true. After much too-ing and fro-ing, much soul searching, editing, revising, formatting, Touch of Evil is finally available as an ebook thru Smashwords. Imagine that moment, just imagine it. I've lived with some of these tales for over ten years. They've seen changes in character, direction, setting, you name it. But thanks to the faith and support of others, my friends and fellow Nitewriters, I've fought that inner demon that keeps telling me it's not right, it's not good enough. I've defeated that negative side.

That last moment, as i sat there waiting for the manuscript to pass through Smashword's 'meatgrinder' twice as formatting problems made me go thru for a second and third time then just waiting. 10%. 25%. Real slow at 50%. 80%. 99%. Then a long wait. Faith starts to evaporate about then, because time just dilates. The Eagles said 'The hours go by like minutes' in the song "Wasted time' but that time there, sitting, waiting for Mr 100% to tick over seemed like a second short of forever

Then it ticked over. Submitted, confirmed, accepted. By my own hand, with the help of someone I've never met, my ebook is now for sale on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, and a half dozen other sites.

I suppose if this were the Academy Awards, I'd be thanking God and a few important people. I'd like to thank my friends the Nitewriters, in particular Toni, Rosalie and Robyn for their writerly input, but all the others for their support. Writing can be the most singular pursuit a person can take on. Only you can write your book, but the right people can help you by suggesting, reading, encouraging. No writer is truly alone if one has friends and peers like I do.

So, I offer you my work. A large part of my life and sanity has gone into it. It's three dollars. If you read it and like it, please let me know. If you don;t like it, break it to me gently, coz i bruise easily. but still let me know.

With thanks to all.



  1. Yes, I can imagine how you felt to see your book published, Barry. I can remember the moment when my first book was published. I still feel excitement to see anything that I've written published. Congratulations for staying the course. I will look read the excerpt of your book today when I visit Smashwords. Smashwords can be the test of the long distance runner. All the best with your book. Laurel.

  2. Great work Barry. I now have my copy safe and sound and beginning to become dogeared. Well.. not quite, since that's not a problem with ebooks!!

  3. Thanks heaps Rosie. Waiting for your (re)release. Caleath be cool.

  4. Yesterday Barry!!! Today we are still celebrating. :)
    On Smashwords and Amazon and the Museitup site. Feels good to finally have it out there and in a form I can promote and feel proud of.