Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wendy talks about Covers...

First Turning Point has an article by our own Wendy Laharnar.

We all know how stressful creating your own, or having your cover created can be. Wendy covers the topic well.

See what she has to say...
  The Book Cover: Vanguard of Promotion
I know how she feels... Covers can help you feel confident about your promotion, or they can leave you underwhelmed. I have had both experiences.
At least if you make your own, as others in this group have done brilliantly, and with success, you only have yourself to blame.
When you work with a Cover Artist, the waiting is difficult and often learning to live with your cover takes time.
I think Wendy can rest easy with her cover. :)

Don't forget, the Unhewn Stone is due for release on Friday 12th August.


  1. Great article about covers, Wendy. Plenty of good suggestions.

  2. That's a nice cover. Sticks in the mind.