Monday, May 28, 2012

The Japanese Grandmother

Love Came at Christmas, a short story, is my free read this week. Two homeless teenagers meet at Christmas. Read the complete story on my website at

The park was small and on the edge of the city block. Further down the hill, the river could be glimpsed, blue and sparkling in the morning sunshine. Three yachts, their white sails gleaming, followed each other like sentries on guard.
Yesterday, the girl had sat on the same bench in the park, watching the last minute rush of Christmas shoppers. They all seemed to have a destination to go to and carried their brightly coloured Christmas bags with a jaunty air.
Now, the city was almost deserted except for the boy stretched out seemingly asleep on a bench a few metres away. He was a tall rangy boy, too thin for his height. Fifteen minutes earlier, he'd been eating a pie. The girl had felt a twinge of hunger watching him. She wasn't a pie eater but she was hungry enough to eat anything.  
As if conscious of her watching him, the boy sat up. "Hi," he called across the small area of grass between them. "What's new?"
"Nothing much." She didn't feel like talking to him. She didn't feel like talking to anyone.

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