Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Phytophthora dieback which causes the most severe and widespread damage to native plants in Western Australia. The most susceptible of the indigenous species most affected belong to four families - PROTEACEAE, FABACEAE, ERICACEAE, MYTACEAE 

Death of a Species 

To the west country
he said he was going.
The petrol gurgled in the tank.

In place of heat waves
Above the saltbush
came visions of forest country
moss and lichen
running water.
Once my country. 

Dieback's got the jarrah
He said
as he handed me fifty dollars
and roared off in the BMW. 

I thought how dreams could change
From soft green to stark grey. 

Laurel Lamperd

*        *        *

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Six fantasy and animal stories suitable for children 4 - 9. 

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