Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Completely Free
(as long as you pay for it)

Jacqueline George

I'm busy - busy constructing a web page for an upcoming book - Falling into Queensland. Not a naughty book this time, but a crime/adventure story set in the far north. You can find the web page here . The page sets out the background to the story, especially for people who have no idea what Queensland can look like. I have written a little about the story, but mainly I want to explain the context with comments and pictures. The page is changing hour by hour as I work on it.

The next step is to post an excerpt, and then I need some comments, or even a review or two. Any volunteers to look at it? Just message me below, or use the email link on my home page, and I will send you a pdf, epub, mobi or Kindle version.

©Jacqueline George All rights reserved.

Jacqueline George lives in Cooktown, Far North Queensland. She enjoys the relaxed lifestyle there, and finds plenty of time write books, some of which are far too naughty for her own good.

Jacqueline's home page

Monday, July 25, 2011

Dane Beesley "Splitting the Second: A photographer's journal" book launch

A cool timelapse video of a fellow Australian author's book launch.  "Splitting the Seconds, a photographer's journal". Launch venue was Metro Arts Building 109 Edward St Brisbane.
Available now. $65 (Aust)
For more information regarding the journal visit...
 Dane Beesley website  http://photodane.com/
 Splitting the Seconds, a photographer's journal...
Buy the book information...http://photodane.com/book/
Music in the video is by The FrickenHecks a Brisbane band.
Camera work is by Phillip Skinner a Brisbane photographer.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wind from Danyari

I've just made Wind from Danyari, into a Kindle download. It is the first book in my saga about the Hennessy family and their sheep station, Walara.
Walara is set in the Carnarvon district of Western Australia. It begins with the wreck of the Dutch East Indiaman, the Zuytdorp, which was wrecked on the coast of WA and continues to the beginning of WWII.
When Joe Hennessy saw Alicia Pennington, the beautiful spoilt daughter of one of Perth's leading businessmen, he fell in love with her. But would she make a suitable wife to take to Walara, his sheep station in the north west of Western Australia.
Wind from Danyari is also available in a print version from various outlets online.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Touch Of Evil

This is it!!! This is the cover for which we have waited with baited breath. Just a quick blurb for the back, a few adjustments and Touch iof Evil will be available, first as an epub download, then a Kindle and then a fully fledged stack of paper pressed into an A5 book shape.

Ten years!!

Ten f@#$ing years!!!!!

I'll tell the truth. I have reached a point so many times where I've thought YES, I'm READY!! only to have something happen that just stuffed me and my project up. Faith was something that was fading from my life as a writer, despite the good things people I was being told by review readers.

This was the last Hurdle. Of course the picture killed Anton's computer. I would expect no less. But like the Hercules he is, Anton fought the twelve demons from Hell and got the thing done, better than I could have expected. It looks great. Everyone loves it so far. So, I sit here at the desk of pain and reset the clock for launch. My faith has returned, my enthusiasm now simmers back where it should be.

This is it.

Thanks for the patience. I've been talking about this for too long, but please bear with me just a short time more. 

Touch of Evil, coming real soon.


Crossroads at Isca

I have just published my Roman Britain novel, Crossroads at Isca, as a Kindle download.
Faine and Marella are the nieces of a British chieftain. When they meet two young Tribunes from the great Roman fort on the plain, their lives are changed forever.
A circle of men, their beards glistening with pork fat, and clasping beakers filled with wine and mead, watched the dancer, her golden hair flying around her as she leapt and turned around the fire burning in a ring of stones at the centre of the wattle and daub hut.
The men shouted their encouragement as the dancer completed the final steps of the dance to the beat of a drum covered with animal hide, the rattle of stones and animal bones, and the shrill trill of a pipe.
They burst into uproar when she stood poised like a statue, one arm raised above her head, her breasts rising and falling, her lips shining as she glanced across the heads of the audience.
The shouts of "More, more," echoed around Ceomin's hall.
His face flushed from excitement and wine, Tribune Lucius Acilius jumped into the circle and swept the dancer into his arms and danced with her in a whirl of skirts around the periphery of shouting men , his iron-studded sandals biting into the earthern floor.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Calamity's Corner

Another great Calamity's Corner. Jacquie Rogers new book, Much Ado About Marshals, sounds a great read. Must look out for Body Line by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles new detective novel which is another good review from LL Roberts. The movie review of Heaven Only Knows, Mr Allison brought memories of when I saw it years ago. I liked the sound of Sally Odgers and Aaron Pocock's new book, Journey into Faerie. It sounds delightful. Thanks, Calamity, for bringing my attention to what other people are up to. Email Calamity for a free copy of Calamity's Corner.