Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Unhewn Stone cover is up for the October award.

I'm excited that not only me, but Tiger Matthews, the cover artist, and MuseItUp publishing have a chance to win the Cover Award at Alternative-Read for the month of October (17 days left to vote) but we need your vote, please. We are # 5. The Unhewn Stone at 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What to do with short stories

What do you do with short stories? They are fun to write but not many places to publish. And hardest of all to find a place to publish are the illustrated children's stories especially if one can't draw.

Even the books suitable for children, eight to twelve, have line drawings. Haven't I drooled over some of the Anne of Green Gable books and Gilbert Blythe, that romantic youth of my childhood. It was a little dashing to the romantic soul that he and Anne produced six children.

So instead of allowing my children's stories to moulder in a bottom drawer, I've decided to publish them with the help of Kindle, Smashwords and a few photographs. Maybe not the sales of the Anne books but nevertheless out there.

I pulled out The Rainbow Children who helped Edna Echidna find a new home. The Boy who told Fibs who couldn't stop telling whoppers before the event of a little brown man. Sam, a budding author, shocks his newfound friends, Sebastian and Emma, with the picture of a docodile. I even have a book cover created by my good friend, Wendy. So look out there among all the rest for my book.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Calamity's Corner October

Another good edition of Calamity's Corner, Wendy.
I loved reading Canadian author and poet, Nancy M Bell's article on the Power of Words in October's CC.
Nancy has kept many of her childhook scribblings: short stories, poems and even novels. She is in good company. The famous members of the Bronte family wrote when they were children. Their juvenilia was gathered together by a later biographer and published.
Being a writer has made Nancy many new friends. She calls it the Magic of words. Words are power and power opens doors. She warns that words should be wielded with care and compassion.
I enjoyed following Aussie travellers, Pam and Paul Thomas, around Montepulciano, an Italian town in romantic Tuscany.
Movie and book reviews, quick quiz, meeting Chirp, Taylor McGovern's well-named pet budgie who has just turned one year old, plus many more bits and pieces are all there in Calamity's Corner.
Send in photos of your favourite holiday and words to go with them to Calam, or feature your pet.
I must send my best wishes to dear little Spitzli, who dislocated her kneecap and will have an operation Tuesday. Three barks to you, Spitzli, and hopefully soon you will be running around on those four little legs.
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