Thursday, August 25, 2011

Publishing part 2

I've been putting off thinking about the print version of Touch of Evil for a few weeks, but then Tuesday nite thought stuff it. So eight hours later, after most of that time reformatting for print, buggerising around coz i was tired and getting more than a little frustrated, I uploaded the book to LULU, So yes, in about three days from now, Touch of Evil will be available in print.

This post will take several tangent. this is but one of them:

Touch has thusfar sold but 2 copies as an ebook. Strange. True I haven['t exactly been out there pushing it down people throats. Been focussed on a couple of other things. But still, with ebooks having a rise of 1024% in the oast year and print falling somewhat, where are the people (friends, relatives) who might buy the book. Dunno, but I am looking into it.

Once I got my head aroiund it, LULU was easy to get along with. A long while ago, my good mate Pip publisjhed a wonderful book called "Faces in the Street" a wonderful book about the life and times of Henry Lawson. He used LULU, and his book cost a fortune. (well worth the money, but steep if you were just looking). Touch came in at just over half the size of Faces, but where Pip's book was processed in Portugal and posted from there ($20.00 freight + $35.00 for the book) I can sell Touch for $14.95 with freight being less than $10.00 and still make a dollar per book!!! why you shout as you jump up and down in delight. Because they print and send for Oceania and SE Asia from Brizbane. So YAY for LULU. Plus they now list freely wit Amazon and Barnes and Noble and all them lot. Probably Angus and Robertson/Dymocks et al as well. Now makes self publishing a little more affordable for us.

So, in a couple of days Touch of Evil will be available everywhere. I have thought about a special edition hardcover. Maybe , maybe not. it will truly be a special edition, meant for me and a few choice people who have helped me in some big ways. also thinking about am audiobook, but the reader is the key there, and I only trust 2 people to read for me. we'll see on that score.

So now, I ask that if you like a little speculation in your fiction, a little thought in your light entertainment then please take a look at Touch of Evil. I like it, I think you will too.

Thanks for listening.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's There.

Yup, it's true. After much too-ing and fro-ing, much soul searching, editing, revising, formatting, Touch of Evil is finally available as an ebook thru Smashwords. Imagine that moment, just imagine it. I've lived with some of these tales for over ten years. They've seen changes in character, direction, setting, you name it. But thanks to the faith and support of others, my friends and fellow Nitewriters, I've fought that inner demon that keeps telling me it's not right, it's not good enough. I've defeated that negative side.

That last moment, as i sat there waiting for the manuscript to pass through Smashword's 'meatgrinder' twice as formatting problems made me go thru for a second and third time then just waiting. 10%. 25%. Real slow at 50%. 80%. 99%. Then a long wait. Faith starts to evaporate about then, because time just dilates. The Eagles said 'The hours go by like minutes' in the song "Wasted time' but that time there, sitting, waiting for Mr 100% to tick over seemed like a second short of forever

Then it ticked over. Submitted, confirmed, accepted. By my own hand, with the help of someone I've never met, my ebook is now for sale on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, and a half dozen other sites.

I suppose if this were the Academy Awards, I'd be thanking God and a few important people. I'd like to thank my friends the Nitewriters, in particular Toni, Rosalie and Robyn for their writerly input, but all the others for their support. Writing can be the most singular pursuit a person can take on. Only you can write your book, but the right people can help you by suggesting, reading, encouraging. No writer is truly alone if one has friends and peers like I do.

So, I offer you my work. A large part of my life and sanity has gone into it. It's three dollars. If you read it and like it, please let me know. If you don;t like it, break it to me gently, coz i bruise easily. but still let me know.

With thanks to all.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Unhewn Stone.

My son created the video and wrote the haunting music for it. Thanks Mark and Ryan for performing the instumentals. I'm a very proud Mum and G'mother :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wendy talks about Covers...

First Turning Point has an article by our own Wendy Laharnar.

We all know how stressful creating your own, or having your cover created can be. Wendy covers the topic well.

See what she has to say...
  The Book Cover: Vanguard of Promotion
I know how she feels... Covers can help you feel confident about your promotion, or they can leave you underwhelmed. I have had both experiences.
At least if you make your own, as others in this group have done brilliantly, and with success, you only have yourself to blame.
When you work with a Cover Artist, the waiting is difficult and often learning to live with your cover takes time.
I think Wendy can rest easy with her cover. :)

Don't forget, the Unhewn Stone is due for release on Friday 12th August.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Calamity's Corner August

Congratulations Wendy, on Calamity's Corner, another edition of your very entertaining ezine. Contact Wendy on Calamity's Corner for a free subscription.
I loved reading about romance author, Pat Mc Dermott's wonderful cruise from SanFrancisco to Alaska with bits of history mixed in as well.
Reviewer LJ Roberts has another great book review, a book I just know I'll have to buy. Books make great gifts too.
Best wishes to Wendy whose first book, The Unhewn Stone, will be published this month. A wonderful book for young adults. Set in the Switzerland in the era of William Tell - was he a mythical person or not - The Unhewn Stone is an adventure story made even more exciting with magic and the arts of the Alchemist who tried to change base metals into gold.
I've read The Unhewn Stone in draft and can recommend it as an exciting read. Look for it when it's published.