Saturday, March 16, 2013

INVITATION to members of Aussie Authors at Work, to join in a fellow Aussie promotion idea.

There was a message on our Facebook page today...


I am a co-founder of an online FB Group of Australian Writers named -

 Terra Australis. We write short stories, Australian themed for 

Anthologies that we are working on. 

I will be creating an event very late August - early September. Promoting

 our anthologies. I am currently putting out the feelers to see where I 

can locate other Australian Authors wishing to donate signed books / 

Ebooks for our swag.

There has been some wonderful reactions to the message that we are

 doing, which is attempting to showcase Australian talent globally. So far, 

we have a few great authors donating books - Ian Irvine, Fiona 

McIntosh, Greg Barron. 

Do you have any authors that you are connected with that may wish to

 donate a signed book or Ebook to the swag, so they get a chance at 


Please contact me if you do 

Carol Bond



I am going to offer a copy of book one in the Chronicles. Ebook. 
What do you think?