Saturday, May 21, 2011

A bit more of a reveal.

From the genius that is Anton.

Imagine the picture of the loverly Lozzie as Imogen overlayed, nice font with a title. This cover is going to ROCK people.


  1. That's an intriguing image. A (copper) penny rimmed in fire with the image of George IV. What is the symbolism here?

  2. Flames look good... the coin and Imogen... should be stunning Barry.
    Good luck with it.

  3. Not much in the symbolism. was the old way the stories progressed and i like the image. the coin still appears in a couple of stories. it's actually a 2 headed coin, george on one side facing left, liz on the other facing right. in the TV show incarnation the george side wasa ctually deformed with gouges, with the face seeming to be contorted and crying out in pain. if we go back to the TV show, i'll probably reinstate that, coz it was an effective device for moving the stories on. it also got to be a bit of a game, wondering if the coin and imogen were actually one and the same, both leading us on, both daring us to take a chance, make a choice we knew might not be good for us, but then again, maybe it would. maybe or maybe not, was she the personification of the coin, or was it the materialisation of her. or maybe she's just a hot chick with great eyes and it's a home made coin.

  4. I can see what a good idea that is for the coin to link the stories. A nice touch to suggest that the coin and Imogen might be one and the same.