Saturday, May 14, 2011

Trials and Tribs, eh?

It never really ends, does it. Kind of like building a house. You have it all set in your mind, then that one little thing is just not quite right. So you change it. As my friends Toni, Lorelea and Amanda are oft to quote (maybe it's a girl thing)


But on we go coz we have to. Took my loverly model - the aforementioned Lorelea - to the photographers for cover photos. But for very very minor details, her face is that of Imogen, the person who leads you though the TV show version of Touch of Evil. 80 odd photos later and it's just not quite right. Bugger, says I, but we will do with what we got.

So finally pick through the photos and we have a few that can be doctored to suit. Jobs right. So I log onto Lorelea's profile to tell her and she has just uploaded a new iphone photo, taken after the photo shoot before she took off the makeup.

It's nearly bloody perfect, the eyes are right, the angle is right, the colour is right. Need to tweak the smile oh so little but it is THE Picture!!!

So I pinches it.

And takes it to the genius known quietly as Anton, husband of my dear friend Robyn, who has Photoshop wrapped neatly around his little finger. In a matter of minutes he has a rough cut of my cover sitting on his screen. I couldn't even get a rough cut of a rough cut in FOUR WEEKS!!!!

So now, the tiredness, the almost boredom I have slipped into with this project has been
cast aside. There is a new feeling of completion in the wind. With a cover, the book has a sense of finality about it. It is becoming more real every day. Looking now at formatting for the ebook version - both epub and Kindle version. I think Touch of Evil is really going to swing there, but I still want a real book in my hands, professionally done and looking good. As most if not all of us do. it's the gold ring, the top prize in what we do.

But for this particular moment, I try something. If this works, then below should appear the rough cut of the cover. Let's see.

Ain't teknologee wunnerful?

Stay tuned for more.


  1. Oh Barry... it is 'loverly'!! Just how I imagined your Imogen!! And the coin looks terrific.
    Tecnology and models who look the part make a huge difference to covers, don't they!!!
    Exciting to think this book is becoming REAL.

  2. Speaking of trials and tribulation... I am trying to re write the start of book two. When the first book was chopped into half that was bad enough finding the RIGHT point to break the story. Now that the books are in four parts, each book ENDS on a high note.. but in the course of things the moment of calm follows. Not when the following chapter is supposed to be the explosive START to the next book. ARGH... so.. trials and tribuation I can understand.. it doesn't EVER EVER end.

    Well.. I hope it does, eventually when your book is out there and readers LIKE it. Do we rest, do we sigh and feel justified, or are we already sweating on the next novel?

    When do we raise our glasses and feel like REAL writers?

  3. Even with persistence, what you really want still rquires a little luck. Lovely cover Barry, I can see why this is just a 'touch' of evil. The beautiful girl looks quite innocent except for those red eyes.