Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Free historical short story

My historical short story, A New Dawn, is now available for FREE on my publisher's website.

Escaping a brutal father, Briony runs to James, the man she loves.
With his family’s blessing, they marry and prepare for a new life in a new country – America.
A wedding gift of two tickets to travel on an ocean liner is a wonderful surprise.
Full of anticipation and hope, they set sail.
Only, fate has sent them a challenge that tests, not just their strength and love, but their very survival.


  1. Great story Anne,
    Thanks for sharing this delightful tale. Great atmosphere and characters! You have a way of transporting your readers into the moment, allowing them to share the passion and trauma of Briony and James.
    I was holding my breath, hoping for a HEA ending. :)

  2. Loved this story Anne but blogger wouldn't let me leave a comment earlier but I was able to leave a pos on 12th, so my comment is there.