Monday, May 2, 2011

Calamity's Corner... May Edition...

Wendy, I loved this month's Calamity's Corner...

Sanctum was a movie and a half. I tried to tell myself it was NOT based on a true story... although people do undertake those sort of dives. Not this little  black duck!! My son does ocean dives. Dives Fish Rock Cave with hundreds of sharks, but he is very conscious of safety.
After listening to him talk about diving  I have a feeling the characters in Sanctum ignored danger signs and didn't take all the precautions they should have.
Still... doesn't lessen the impact of the movie. The cinematography was brilliant. The Australian actors did well.
One of the women divers who helped on the movie was killed recently on a dive in Aust. So I hear. So it is a dangerous sport. Makes me NOT want to watch the movie again.

At present I am working on the word game... it's an interesting exercise. Thanks!!

Oh.. and waiting impatiently for Anita's book to come on sale. She does write with a magic pen! Imagine walking around the setting of your novel and being able to get inside your characters head the way she does. I guess Wendy, you did the same sort of thing when you went back to where The Unhewn Stone was set. You actually walked the paths and visited the places Stefan frequented.
I can see why History has such an appeal after reading Anita's interview.
Although, I think I will stick to reading your novels, rather than trying to write in that genre myself. Can't wait till June to read Tencarrow Secret and see the world through Anita and Elizabeth's eyes.


  1. Thank you Wendy for publishing the article and to Rosalie for her lovely comments. Trencarrow Secret is due out in June from MuseItUp Publishing. As for the Elizabeth Murray novel - well my agent is trying hard with that one - if I get a contract I'll let you know!

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed this issue, Rosalie. It's always pleasing when one of the 'nibbles' strikes a nerve and Anita's article was wonderful.

    Thank you, Anita, for sharing your love of history in the land where you live. Your Trencarrow Secret is one I'm anxious to read and if I get the chance I will revisit your country with fresh eyes. Good luck finding a home for your Elizabeth Murray novel. I'm sure many people will want to visit her home, too.

  3. I love reading Calamity's Corner. It's such a bright breezy e-zine.
    Anita Davison looks like a romantic heroine herself behind the dark-rimmed spectacles. I look forward to her new book, Trencarrow Secret, when it's published.
    Loved reading about Katie and Gemma's cheap shopping forays in New York City. I don't think they mentioned whether the accommodation is inexpensive too.
    I remember Edith Parzefall's Capuchin monkeys in her novel, Found Guilty. They are much smaller than I imagined.
    Congratulations on another good edition, Wendy. I look forward to June CC.