Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Blue Vase was read on the ABC  about twenty years ago. I'm glad to air it again here.


She is more
My mother's daughter
than mine.
I hear their laughter
in the living room
while I make tea
in the kitchen. 

When my grandmother died
Her daughters
divided her valuables. 

From the waste heap
I rescued the blue vase. 

My grandmother told me
Her mother had brought it
from Scotland.
It had belonged
to her mother. 

The blue vase
Sits on the windowsill.
Beside it is the one
my daughter gave me
made by some modern potter. 

Beyond the living room
My granddaughter plays in the garden.
When she is grown
I shall give her
the blue vase. 

Laurel Lamperd

           *       *       *

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Joe Hennessy builds a sheep station in the Carnarvon district of Western Australia.

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