Thursday, June 27, 2013

For Laurel from Carole

 I'm posting the following from Laurel's fellow West Australian  author and good friend, Carole Sutton.

Laurel and I were good buddies for many many years. We met up back in the early days of YouWriteOn, when they first came out. We would critique each other's work and we got on fine.  She had one of my 'Gus, Sore Feet - No Collar' books, and in exchange I had her books of shorts and poems called 'The Ink Drinkers'.

 I also read the first two books of Walara, it would be good if the final book can get published. I also read her 'Crossroads at Isca' book. I have never been particularly poetic but I enjoyed her work. It encouraged me to try one myself. I thought about putting it here. Perhaps Laurel can have a little laugh out of that.

Song of the Night

Carole Sutton

Dark nights

Stars above with the satellites

The moon’s loom

Turns the gloom

Into beautiful silvery lights


Lonely tree

Shimmering leaves and standing free

In the sand

Of arid land

With no one there to see


Flying feathers

Grasping claws in all weathers

With hooked beak

And eyes that seek

The Tawny Owl his supper gathers


 Such a shame. It is so sad. It's too early for Laurel to go, don't you think? Or, is there never a good time?

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  1. Yes, Carole, I agree. Laurel’s passing is much too soon. It’s surreal. I know how close you were as crit partners. Laurel often told me to contact you regarding self publication to see what you thought of New Gen publishing. She was tossing up whether to follow you or go with FeedaRead. She admired you and your books.