Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Autumn arrives...

Autumn has arrived with a vengeance. Daylight saving has ended and as if on cue Autumn arrives.
I am listening to rain on the tin roof. That magical sound that seems to encapsulate an Aussie autumn. It's not cold enough for a fire, but I have a jumper on for the first time in ages.
The other night we had a massive electrical storm.
Lying awake watching the lightning, listening to the rolling thunder and smelling the earthy dampness, but warm and snug is an experience we Aussies expect from the change in season.
We had 100ml in a little over an hour.
Autumn rain.
Tonight the blankets will come out of storage. The swimming pool is full now but it's too cold to swim.
Summer seems to have fizzled out without making a mark on this year. Other than floods, fires and cyclones. Well... that's not really a normal summer. That's Nature's fury.
Summer is supposed to be oppressive heat and humidity, flies, cicadas and sweat. Runnels of sweat, nights alive with mosquitoes, midges and the taste of Aerogard on your bbq'd steak. Now that's Summer.
Autumn is winter without any excuse to complain. It's not too cold, it's not too hot. There is a threat of cooler nights but the days here are perfect.
Winter might be lingering around the next corner, but hey... this close to the coast that's hardly a threat. We don't even get frost here.
Winter days are glorious sunshine, cold brisk breezes and hours of whale watching.
Autumn's Peril.. Great name for a book.. but in truth, here there is very little peril in Autumn. Not here, in the lucky country. What do you reckon?

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