Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hello from Tricia McGill

Warmest thanks to Wendy for such a lovely welcome. It is an honour to be invited to join this great band of writers.
New to this blog business I really have no idea where to start. I write romances—cross sub-genres—but always seem to end up with my hero and heroine walking off into the sunset, sublimely happy (more than likely in bed and sublimely happy) I consider I’ve led a charmed life so perhaps that’s why I like my characters to end up as happy. I was the youngest of ten children, and by today’s standards, we were poor. No washing machine, TV, fridge, telephone or time-saving gadgets. But not one of us ever considered that we lacked in anything, for we were rich in the things that mattered most. Our dad was a tall dark handsome man with a kind heart and our mother was the strongest woman I have met. Well, she had to be to have survived two world wars, spent her entire married life living on a shoe-string, but managing to instil the finer qualities in her five rowdy boys and five girls. My novel, Traces of Dreams, which won the 2003 RWAustalia Romantic Book of The Year (mainstream) Award, is based on her life and hardships. My family were all avid readers and I was writing from as far back as I can recall, bringing my dreams to life.
I came to this lucky country from England in 1966 with my husband and joined three of my sisters who already resided here. I love Australia with a fierceness that still sometimes astounds me. I get a lump in my throat every time I hear, “I Still call Australia home”. When my husband was alive, we travelled all around this vast land and so I have visited most places except right up to the very tip of Far North Queensland. The road wasn’t suitable for the car we had at that time and we were advised not to tackle it. So, chances are I might have visited your home town. I don’t travel far afield these days.
My next release is Remy. This is a previously published book that is now a hundred percent better than before thanks to my amazing editor at MuseItUp Publishing. Natisha voted Remy her spring choice, and had this to say, “I fell in love with this story the first time I read it. The characters and settings are rich, and the story is heart wrenching. REMY has an undercurrent of passion that resonated with me. It’s not only a love story set in the past, it’s a journey of two lovers who face challenges and hardships in their attempt to be together against all odds.
I read this story from beginning to end ten times and loved it each time.”
Remy will be released in August at musebannerbrown.jpg
It’s nice and rather odd to return to a story you put aside as finished years ago. The Muse is a strange animal. I suspect most authors have the same sensation as I when we read through our work afterwards and wonder, “Did I really write that?” I fell in love with poor Remy all over again and the hardships I put him through before he found the pot of gold at the end of his rainbow. I hope my readers enjoy his journey as much as I enjoyed writing it.
To learn more about Tricia McGill and my books please nip over to my web page You can view some of my videos, read reviews and even read a short story that I wrote.


  1. Already gaining an editor's spring award! Congratulations Tricia... that's brilliant. Remy sounds like a guaranteed great read.
    As does Traces of Dreams. What an amazing life you have had.

  2. Lovely to hear more about you Tricia and so nice to be MuseItUp sisters both of us with our books coming in August.

    Fancy knowing Laurel at an earlier publisher. It's a small world, which is good for writers who are isolated.
    I look forward to reading Remy.

  3. Hi Tricia,
    Lovely to catch up with you here. Traces of Dreams was one of my all time favourite books.It was defintely a worthy winner of RWA book of the Year.