Saturday, April 2, 2011

Congratulations, Calamity's Corner

Congratulations on another excellent Calamity's Corner, Calam. I loved reading how Rowena Cherry, featured author of the month, uses the game of chess when planning a novel and in her novels. When one thinks of it a novel is a lot like chess. The writer makes situations - moves - with characters - chessmen - to surprise and confuse the reader - opponent. The mark of a good book should be how many well thought out situations the writer can put characters through and in the end especially in a thriller or a mystery checkmate the opponent's king. I'll look at the books I read and the books I write with a different eye in future. I was interested in Carole Sutton's photos of Falmouth, Cornwall. Carole is the author of Ferryman and her novel is based in Falmouth. Cornwall always has connotations of Daphne DuMaurier for me. She took me away from the large inland town where I grew up and where I thought nothing interesting happened to her dark world of smugglers and and feisty heroines. In Ferryman, though the reader is aware of the criminals early in the book, there is still the tension of whether the hero will prove his innocence and the criminals brought to justice. Book reviewer, LJ Roberts, has another excellent book review. I have discovered some good books through her reviews. To read all the good things in Calamity's Corner contact


  1. This is a lovely surprise, Laurel. Thank you for you continuing support of Calamity's Corner. We reach 27 countires now and will have our 3rd birthday in June.

  2. Calamity's Corner is always a great read! I like getting to know authors and getting reviews on movies and books each month.
    Chess has always been a puzzle to me. I know the rules but not the strategy that goes with the game. Mapping a novel though using chess as an analogy does seem appropriate. Great article from Rowena.

    27 countries... Congratulations Calamity.
    Three years?? Has it been so long? Celebrations are called for in June!

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed Calamity's Corner as usual, Wendy.Thank you for your comments on Ferryman Laurel, and fascinated by the chessmen, Rosalie. I had intended to write earlier, but I've just gone through a traumatic week after receiving a Red-back spider's bite. All is well now. Catching up on all my emails after that break has kept me very busy. 27 countries? That's awesome!

  4. Thanks Carole,
    I'm glad you enjoyed this month's issue of Calamity's Corner. That fascinating article about the chess men was by Rowena Cherry. Yes 27 countries, now. I'm trying for 30 before the 3rd birthday which is June.

    Very glad to hear you are recovering after that nasty spider bite. Now there's something to write about! a Red-back. That's ironic. "Blood Opal" your latest novel was originally called 'Redback', wasn't it? :)

  5. Carole, how Aussie is being bitten by a 'red-back'. It's wasn't on the toilet seat by any chance? Sorry.. but as soon as I heard, that song began to run through my mind. Hope you are recovered now. Not a pleasant experience. Can't live with them... would like to live without them... at least not in the house or shoes or garden... beyond that, they are welcome.