Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hi everyone - sometimes you get a reply - this from Leah at Goodreads Women Fiction Authors. If you read this Leah. Thank you for following Sneak a Peak Aussies Authors at Work.

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message by Leah
Images are not displayed Laurel wrote: "A good idea to blog with other writers. I occasionally blog with other writers on
I liked Julie's photos of where she lives."

Hi Laurel, I visited and am following. There were lots of great posts to view and I intend to go back when I have more time and explore them.


  1. This is lovely to hear, Laurel.
    Thank you for following Sneak a Peek Leah. So good to meet you.

  2. Goodreads reaches more people than you think. :)
    It's great to meet you too Leah! Drop in whenever you like!!