Thursday, March 1, 2012

Our pet kangaroo, Daisy, raised from a baby, now returned to the wild.

Felt I had to post this - read it on Kevin Ransom's blog -

Just saw a post on Facebook and had a moment of clarity. This is what she said:
Just had one of those sad moments. Was talking to one of my old college instructors who I have been friends with since being in their class. Had a disappointing conversation with them. I was basically told I will never become a writer if I self-publish. I know the black mark some of the crap that has come out of self-publish and what it has done to authors and writers. However, I do not feel I am making a mistake and dooming myself to failure by starting that way. I hate that so many people still view Indie and self-publishing in such a negative way and have such a closed mind about it. Makes me want to get published and be successful even more now to prove them wrong!
This is what I replied: [Kevin]
I really hate to say it this way, but when someone old tells you that things will never change, what they’re really saying is that THEY’LL never change. Also, what they’re saying doesn’t make any sense; there are already plenty of success stories in self-publishing. “Never” is very petty word. The next time you see those dinosaurs, gently tell them, “Evolve or die.”

And this my reply
 Good website, Kevin. I was interested in your blog about self publishing. Many famous writers in the past have self published. They weren't so lucky as today's writers who can self publish in a wink for virtually no cost. But had to pay for so many hundfeds [maybe] of print copies which they had to hawk around. Cheers      

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  1. It's awful when those whose opinions you trust, put the brakes on your dreams. All you can do is smile, walk away and release the brake and get on with your dream. Write, write, write. The more you write the better you understand the process. You will find a publisher who loves your work. If there are those among the community of writers who are too impatient for their dream to unfold in the traditional way, then they should self publish. A traditional publisher may or may not want to republish this particular book, but does that matter. If it is the very best you can do and is selling well, you will be satisfied. Life is too short to be pining over what might have been. And too short to be blaming others for spoiling the journey. Good Luck writers where ever you are. Don't let procrastination be your guide. :)