Sunday, March 11, 2012

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What happens when a young man marries an older woman for her money.

Marlene first noticed the woman because she wore the same blue dress as she did. The woman even wore a pearl choker like her. 
She didn't worry seeing another woman in the same dress. In fact, she felt pleased someone had liked it enough to wear. Charles hadn't liked it. He didn't like any of her clothes. He said she'd have to acquire a better dress sense now he was a politician.
She sat by herself in the corner of the room, ignored by the partygoers chatting vivaciously in groups. She hated going with Charles to parties which all the rich and well known attended but she had to because of his position.
She glimpsed him through the crowd talking to a tall blond woman near the double glass doors leading onto the terrace. He looked very handsome. She was proud of him. He was forty-five and looked thirty.

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