Monday, March 19, 2012 is up for sale

When I tried to find Laurel's latest novel at I discovered the site is up for sale.
I wonder what has happened to all of the ebooks there. When I did the search for Laurel's Journey from Walara I was directed onto the web to look from there.

I wonder if the authors have been notified. Has this been in the media?

Here is the link to Laurel's Journey from Walara 

This ebook is only $3.99. Might be wise to get it while you can, since the Sony site will soon disappear.


  1. This is strange. Smashwords add the books to Sony, Kobo, Apple etc sites for sale. No, I haven't heard that Sony is for sale. If they are selling their domain name it sounds as if they are. Be interesting to see what happens.

  2. I looked up
    They are calling for offers of sale of their domain name.
    I thought Sony was a hugh conglomerate. You don't know what is behind a name. Cheers everyone.