Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Waiting Women Poem

My poem, Waiting Women, is up at my website, as a free read.

I wrote the poem from a Japanese print by Harunobu displayed at Claude Monet paintings and Japanese prints exhibition held at the Perth Art Gallery some years ago. Monet was interested in Japanese prints, some which he owned and kept in his private collection.

Waiting Women [excerpt]
She saw the young woman
Seated next to a lamp.
A painting by Harunobu.
And knew it was her
Waiting for her lover.

The poem has been re-published again in the WA poetry download magazine
Perhaps you might like to read it there with poetry from other WA poets.

I used another Japanese print for the cover of my short story and poetry book available for download at and other download sites. In this one, a woman is sitting at a loom.

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