Friday, March 16, 2012

New Books Published

Looking for an interesting book to read? You can't go past

New novels just published.

Rosalie's Skinner's fourth book in her saga Exiled: Battle for Enderseer Hold

The Man in the Boat by Cheryl B Dale

Nic Brown's A Grave St. Patrick's Day

Earrings of Ixtumea - Kim Baccellia

Balance by Peter Giglis

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Wendy Laharnar's latest book is, Billy the Bonsai Bull

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My latest book, Journey from Walara, the second book in the Hennessy family saga is available for download at

It is WW Two. Danny and Will, the two sons of Jack Hennessy, are off to fight for king and country leaving Jack to manage Walara, the huge Hennessy sheep property in Western Australia.


  1. Thanks for drawing attention to the new releases at MuseItUp, Laurel. The Launch Day Party was lots of fun and there were plenty of books to be won. I'd like tyo see some more non-Musers join us next time so there is a wider choice to pick the winners from. :)

    I am enjoying Journey from Walara. Your depth of research on the Kokoda track really shines through. What a traumatic time that must have been for Will. I like the love stories woven throughout, especially with Will and Claire.

  2. Thanks for the post Larel. As usual Wendy threw an amazing party. The scars will heal eventually! LOL
    No casualties... no new zombies and sadly the pot of gold melted. Happens with chocolate coins.
    Journey from Walara sounds great. Congratulations on another terrific Australian story.