Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Riva's Quest by Sue Perkins

This is an unusual way to promote a book - the YA author, Sue Perkins, interviews Riva, the main character in her book. Check out the rest of the interview at
Author of The Unhewn Stone

Riva's Quest by Sue Perkins available at Amazon Kindle and MuseItUp Publishing.

Riva's father's job moves them from place to place meaning she frequently changes schools and consequently has no friends. At every school she attends friendships have been in place for years and there is no room for a new girl to join in. Reva withdraws to her imagination and begins to write about the magical world of Fey

Reva: It was funny really. I'd been writing a fantasy book about the land of Fey. Then one night Fey came to life.

Sue: How do you mean "came to life"?

Reva: We hadn't had time to tidy up the garden since we moved in and I'd found a garden gnome half buried in the bottom of the garden. That night the gnome knocked on my window and told me to come with him.

Sue: A garden gnome spoke to you? That's weird. Did you? Go with him I mean.

Reva: Of course I did. Who wouldn't when it provided a bit of excitement in my boring life. His name was Gareth and he took me through the scummy pond where he usually fished. When we came out the other side we were in Fey. Read More
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  1. I just went to the smashwords direct link, here, and bought this delightful children's book for only $0.99. A collectors item on my Kindle.

  2. Bargain... What a great way to stock up on good reading material. The Rainbow Children looks wonderful. Thanks Laurel!!
    Reva's Quest is going on my to read list too.
    So many books to read... so few hours in the day.

  3. Just went to the Musebookstore to buy Reva's Quest and was delighted to find it is on Special@ $1.99. So another quality book is on my Kindle for the long winter nights not too far away.