Friday, March 18, 2011

At work fighting the microphone...

You know things aren't working when your computer gives you the 'blue screen of death'. Those fatal error messages don't help when you have spent the last hour on your knees with a torch looking for alternate holes to stick your microphone thingy into. The torch of course dulled. The batteries faded. The multiple choice for inserting the jack kept me crawling back and forth, testing and cursing.
I suppose it was lucky the cursing WASN'T heard... although if the mic had worked I wouldn't have been tempted to curse. hmm.
Now of course after trying a few mics, will the camera that DID work STILL work?
The microphones WORK but they are very very quiet. Great if the grandkids are trying to sleep. Not so good for actually hearing. All the settings for Volume I have set to MAX.. still I only get whispers. ARGH...
This weekend my skype will be inactive. I guess it will be back to the old land line to talk to family.
Today was supposed to be a writing day, rather than a crawl around losing my temper day. Still... there has to be something good come out of it.
Perhaps removing the accumulated dust from the computer is a good thing.
That the 'blue screen of death' became the wonderful windows logo, without too much effort is a good thing too.
I think it is time for a cuppa and THEN I can write.
Hope you have had a more productive day!


  1. Been there! You'll have to invite one of the grandchildren around to fix it. In the meantime, put your feet up and enjoy your cuppa.

  2. Something must be in the air. All this frustration. I guess neither of us have much to complain about though, in the big scheme of things.

  3. It's always good to have the kids and grandkids come and fix things. Gets a bit repetitive, but saves my bacon on many occasions.
    Yeah.. when it's something so trivial that upsets my day.. on the scale of things.. it's not a bad day. You are right Wendy.
    It's all good.. frustrating.. hehehe but good.

  4. No, I didn't have a productive day, Rosalie. I'm like you, I'm going to write tomorrow. I find it much more relaxing dreaming up what my characters will say and do next than mucking around with computers and things. Laurel