Friday, March 4, 2011

Maggi Andersen, Hail and Welcome

Welcome to this growing group of Aussie Authors. I've been to your blog to read the excerpt from The Reluctant Marquess. You really drew me into the era and Charity's dilemma. The rakish Lord Robert tried hard to make me dislike him, but even in this one scene, I think I'm with Charity and quite like him, regardless. Having read your 'An Improper Lover' and loved it, I know this will be a gripping read.
Maggi is from NSW, too.


  1. Welcome Maggie. Great to have you as part of the team.

  2. Thanks Rosalie, I'm delighted you enjoyed An Improper Lover. Hi Margaret, and Anne. I'm looking forward to meeting new people. Australia has a wealth of writing talent.

  3. Hello Maggi - It sounds as if there are some interesting books on this site. I'll have to check out The Reluctant Marquis. Laurel