Monday, March 28, 2011

Theme ideas for our blog...

To keep our blog interesting we need to post articles. I know I open my blog and look at it and wonder what to post. After thinking about it for a while I close my blog and get on with my life.
Nothing posted.
No idea of what I want to share.
Rather than let that happen here, I wonder if we had a topic to pursue and discuss, if we would all find it easier to share our thoughts.

If we could all post once a month, perhaps. Nothing too fancy, just a mention of what happened in our writing life that month.. Sales, wip progress, some promotion success or failure... or just something that happened that might reflect on an aussie author's work or life....
Everyone is free to post as much or as little as they like... but if possible, even one post a month from everyone would help get us started.

To that end I wondered about choosing a theme for each month. For example if we think about April, autumn weather and the approach of winter... what springs to mind.  Seasons dictate a lot of things about our lives and here in Oz our timing is opposite to the majority of our author peers.
So for our first theme what about
April... How the Aussie seasons effect our  writing.
I know the cooler weather makes me want to settle down and write about the cool breeze, the birds feeding on the ripe berries, the gradual shortening of the days, the general relief from the heat. What goes on around me is reflected in my writing. Is it the same with you?

Anyhow.. ideas for topics:
Do your characters control you.. or do you control your characters?
Computer Catastrophies...
What is the best/worst thing that has happened since computers took over our lives.
Writing before and after computers? Longhand v Texting? The changing face of English?

Our publisher has just done one theme of having the authors Favourite scene posted...
and another theme of How did your hero/heroine get into this mess...

Please make a suggestion and mention if you have a certain month you would like that theme in place.
Then it could tie in with up coming releases or promotion ideas...
What do you think?


  1. I like your Theme Idea, Rosalie. April has a good topic and I like your other suggestions too. And of course we can also post other articles of interest too, like you said. I can't believe April is almost upon us.

  2. Yes, Rosalie. You are completely right that we need interesting stuff here. We are meant to be professional authors (well, sort of) and we need people to read our stuff. Entertain them here, and they will naturally go on and look at our books.

    A word of warning though. We should be carefully about pushing our books too hard. No-one likes being advertised at, and we want to keep our readers happy.