Friday, March 18, 2011

Mics and Cameras too.

Speaking of frustrating day . . .
I had the technician check that I had installed my old but not used camera correctly. I don't know how he managed to get the moving picture of me on the screen, but yes, it works fine and all the pages that came up telling me the wizz bang things I could do now. But it didn't have a mic.

To save any more hassles I said, 'Uninstall it and I'll take the nice new one with the mic.' He installed that and I saw a moving picture of me on the screen.
At home I took a 'snap shot' and found it later saved in My Pictures. I looked for the wizz bang pages but there aren't any. I looked in Menu. The booklet said under File I'd find Save and some other features. All I found was 'Exit'.  In another folder I can 'Capture' and 'Stop Capture' but I can't find it anywhere and there's no sound.

After hours of fiddling with Movie Maker I found I could record my voice and save it to Movie Maker somehow. But that was accidental and despite the amount of smiling and moving around in front of the camera, no picture appeared, anywhere.

Skype! I am barred because my user name (I tried many and finally settled for my full name) and my birthday are both invalid. duh. I was close to putting two feet through the monitor, but realized just in time that it wasn't the screen's fault.

Tried to set up a website, but my new username and passowrd didn't match. Urgh. Happily, around 2:30am I has some success and the website is ready for content. Will leave the Home page till last, but on the other two 'Tips' and 'Books' I have placed a few pics and  some text. Not really ready for visitors yet.

Off to hear my son and grandson in their band at a Yatch Club nearby. so must rush.

I take my hat off to all the computer wizzards who follow the simple instructions and find they work.


  1. Don't you hate it when the username and password you just logged in with and set up as the account details... DON'T WORK.
    Happens so often. I have a book.. yeah I know you aren't supposed to write these things down... but when you are trying to be a presence online.. well... my memory isn't that good. They are written in code... but at least they list the details of things like skype/twitter/goodreads/shelfari etc etc.. Still,I can find they don't work, one day to the next. Good old NUMBER LOCK can help stuff up your login.
    Anyhow.. once it all works.. skype is fun. You can get a program to record sessions too.

  2. I posted a comment and didn't fill in the magic letters. I wonder what they do anyway.
    I'm sorry about the hassles with your camera etc. I don't think I'll get one for a long long time. I've spent the afternoon battling with my new website which I might or might not continue with. It takes so long for anything to happen. I wonder if I was a paying customer whether it would be faster. Ho hum. All the best with your camera.

  3. I hope by now, Wendy, things are sorted out. I can well relate to your computer problems. I'm forever in the mire as you well know!I still haven't found anybody to help me stop 'throttling' my Twitter tweets. They give you a help paragraph, but I don't understand the terminology! Perhaps I should ask one of the grandkids (:>)