Sunday, March 27, 2011

Substitute Bride

You Write On have republished my Regency, Substitute Bride.
When Miss Emma Napier helps her friend, Abby, escape a forced marriage, she didn't expect to meet the dashing Lord Desborough at the disreputable inn which she and Abby were forced to stop off at.
His lordship is looking for a wife so he can gain control of his inheritance. Emma seems the perfect choice.
A gay and frothy Regency packed with lively incidents and dramatic situations.
Thanks to Wendy Laharnar for designing the delightful cover.


  1. Congratulations Laurel.
    I love this Regency Romance that transported me back to the heart of the era. I was there with Emma and her dark, dangerous lord. This novel should be made into a movie. Who would play the characters? Did you have someone in mind while you wrote it?
    As for your lovely cover, you found the perfect picture, I simply added the title. It was a lot of fun too. Thanks for allowing me to participate.

  2. Sounds like a great read. When is it coming out? How do we get a copy?
    Love the cover Wendy!! Fonts make a lot of difference!
    It is fun to think of which actors could play your characters.

  3. Thanks Wendy and Rosalie. The latest edition should be available in print in a few weeks through The Book Depository, Amazon, B&N etc
    It is available for download on Sony,Apple, Smashwords etc
    The first chapter is available for a free read on my website

  4. Great to see you here Laurel. Love the pic for Substitute Bride -- but then I love anything with the sea! Have just had a look at your weebly site -- it looks good.I didn't realise you were up to seven books! Well done. I'm still struggling with book number 4.