Monday, March 7, 2011

Some things about me.

Ages ago I was asked to participate in a Meme going around and I thought I'd share it here as a kind of  'get to know me' thing. It's theme is the seven deadly sins.

Well, I suppose like all mothers I'm proud of my children. Is that boring? Probably. But that's the truth. Jack, Josh and Eleanor are three beautiful, generous, trustworthy and smart kids. I'm very proud to be their Mum and I think my hubby and I have done a good job with them so far. I'm trying to turn my young men out to be some woman's hero, and I aim that Ellie has the strength of personality to pick her own hero that never lets her down, or he'll have me to answer to!
I'm also have pride in my work, my writing is an extension of who I am and if other people enjoy my books then that fills me with pride.

Envy: I don't envy anyone, expect those who can eat anything they want and don't put on an ounce of weight, or those who never have bad hair days, or those who can resist chocolate. I'll stop now.

Gluttony: Chocolate. Enough said.

Lust: Richard Armitage, Gerald Butler. Say, being stranded on a desert island with them - one at a time, of course, as I must give each of them the individual attention they deserve.

Anger: I get ticked off at inconsiderate people. And those who think it's okay to be selfish.

Greed: Chocolate. Enough already!

Sloth: I hate, HATE cleaning shower cubicles. I'd rather clean a dozen toilets than one shower. Ironing - to survive it I must have a good movie on the dvd player. Dusting is a tedious chore that I try to ignore until one of the kids writes their name in it. Really, as teenagers you'd think they'd be over that stunt.

Okay I'm done. rather pathetic isn't it? LOL


  1. Not pathetic, humorous! lol. and a little unnerving. I see a lot of myself in your selections. Won't admit to which lot, but it's quite a lot. :) Thanks for the insight, Anne.

  2. Not pathetic at all Anne.
    Chocolate plays a large role in my life to. Avoiding it mostly. Even thinking chocolate thoughts can add cms to my waist and kilos to my weight. Why is it so addictive and so not good for us.
    Ahh.. you spoke about things other than chocolate.. family, work, gorgeous guys, cleaning sucks..
    Like Wendy.. I can identify with much of what you say. Especially regarding chocolate.
    Great to know more about you.

  3. Sounds pretty normal to me! I'd go along with a lot of these ideas, especially the chocolate! As for cleaning -- yes, that sucks, especially if like me you have a German shepherd who sheds her coat all over the house. Ironing can be useful. When I'm writing and stuck for an idea, I shut myself away with the ironing and let the muse take over my mind while my hands are doing something useful.